RULPH- At Nomadés we are always looking for new ways to celebrate stories. We feel our 2020 collection needs to not only represent this historic year we are having but also the unique stories that have come from it. As military spouses, we have come to fondly embrace acronyms used by the military. We are fluent in that second language. It is in the spirit of this year and twisted into an acronym that we introduce our 2020 spacer to our military community. RULPH. We want to REMEMBER those who are no longer with us. We understand that each story is unique, but these stories still UNITE us. We choose LOVE for everyone. We PROMISE to represent each story to the best of our ability and be inclusive of all. We will continue to HONOR different stories and celebrate the value in each one. Our .925 RULPH Spacer has 6 diagonal rows of 3 color stones incased in a heart. The colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. Each stone is a Swarovski crystals.

This .925 silver charm is part of our military jewelry collection, which features more items that honor our armed forces. Browse our website to share your unique story.