Jackson Robinson and Kings Wild Project

Jackson Robinson and Kings Wild Project

    Have you ever been problem solving and you didn’t know exactly how to “fix” an issue, but you knew somebody who might know somebody?

     That happened to us in 2013. Nomadés was attempting against all odds to streamline our charm design and production, to no avail. We were discussing it one day in a staff meeting, where for the most part I was not involved in the conversation because it had to do with art, drawing, creating, coloring in the lines...all skill sets I do not possess. Anyway, somebody said the word “CAD” and although I didn’t know what that was or how it worked or that it was an acronym, I had heard my brother-in-law use that word in his job. Being an optimist and an “idea fairy” I chimed in and said “I will ask Jackson if he knows anyone who could do art work for charms via CAD.” I was using words in a sentence and I had no idea what I was talking about.

     Once in my life, an idea paid off. I called and tried to explain what we needed and he sent us a sample of what he could do and man oh man, were we hooked. Not only did he know HOW do to what we needed done, he was the BEST we could have gotten.

     Jackson Robinson, my sister Becca’s husband, was an artist in CA working for a gaming company. He had also done commission work for Coca Cola and Hasbro as an artist. We helped him add sterling silver jewelry artist to his extensive resume…You’re Welcome Jackson!

   Jackson designed military charms for us over the next year and half, including our Eagle, Globe and Anchor redo. He also designed the AAV, National Capitol Region, Coast Guard Emblem, Stuttgart, Wineglass, Drill Instructor Cover, Cherry Point Redo, Combat Boots 2.0, Engineer, Key Volunteer, Celebration Cake, Fort Bragg, Apache, We Also Serve, Langley AFB, Fort Pope, Fort Mead and last but not least our cherished In Honor Of. Becca once told me that Jackson labored over the folded flag (In Honor Of) charm- she said "to him the other military charms were boots, hats and beer steins, but this one- this one meant something." It is our pleasure to have these charms as part of our jewelry collection.

     Jackson started his own company called Kings Wild Project. This scrappy kid from Canyon, Texas has turned his ability as an artist into luxury playing cards. There are so many things to love about Jackson, he is loud, witty and creative. He is great to his employees; he has at one time or another employed all three of my children. His customers love him and are loyal to a fault. I’m talking to you CDUBB!  But the thing I love most about him is the way he loves my sister, my nieces and our whole family. (I also think he roasts the most amazing coffee, but I digress!)

     Some of you may know Jackson from a little card deck he did in 2015. Nomadés and Kings Wild collaborated on a deck made exclusively as our salute to the United States Army.

This is our new Marine Corps Deck that debuted Nov 2022.

Jackson loves a good hearty breakfast and he has shared his favorite breakfast casserole on our Stories From the Kitchen.  


P.S. CAD stands Computer Aided Design


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