Sarah Joy Kane

Sarah Joy Kane

When Sarah Joy left home as a young 20-year-old with $550.00 in her pocket headed to New York, New York with aspirations of Broadway and hopes of “being all she could be” on the stage… she never dreamed she would end up married to a soldier and living the military life.

Sarah Joy hails from Portland, Oregon where she grew up as a preacher’s kid. From an early age, Sarah Joy grew comfortable on-stage leading music at her church. After her first year in college, she was booked on a national theater tour and spent 9 months performing on stage and the bug had bitten.

She moved to NYC and got a contract as a replacement on another touring group- it just so happens that at the same time another young aspiring actor joined. He says it was “love at first sight” and she says it was “love a month later.” Within a short time, there was a proposal and they performed on stage and in life and lived “happily ever after.” THE END.

Just kidding…after about 9 years living their dream, 2020 happened and Covid shut down their livelihood and they began to look for what their future might hold. They had performed at a military installation in Italy and loved the community- which led Peter to join the Army.

Before they knew it, he was off to Fort Jackson for Basic Training and then to their first duty station, Fort Eustis, VA. Sarah Joy spent the next few years learning the military lingo and lifestyle. Her husband was selected for Green to Gold. (For you non- Army types) that’s the opportunity to move from enlisted active duty to officer by getting your college degree while participating in ROTC.

As soon as she began to find her niche in the military life- SURPRISE SURPISE- she has now moved to New Hampshire and a non-military lifestyle, while her husband finishes up his last few years of school. She has taken advantage of the theater in Manchester, New Hampshire called The Palace Theater and performed in shows this year including, “Kinky Boots” and everyone’s favorite “A Christmas Carol.” She is currently a vocal trainer for 20 Students at the Palace. Her favorite role ever was when she starred as Millie in “Thoroughly Modern Millie.”

Sarah Joy’s suggestion to military spouses, whether newbies or a seasoned spouse is to get involved in your community. Join a club, volunteer, help a neighbor… don’t isolate yourself.

Nomadés has fallen in love with Sarah Joy. She has done several Reels for our jewelry company and will do more in the future. She has a charm about her that is intoxicating…wait she’s a PK… she has a charm about her that is charismatic. We hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as we have.

Check out the recipe she has shared with on Stories from the Kitchen… Green Bean Casserole…trust me it’s not your mama’s green bean casserole…it’s actually HER mama’s recipe and it’s a doozy!


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