WE welcome you to the Nomadés Collection.

You pave your path with memories, moments, and milestones. We create custom charms to commemorate your journey.

Start your story or chronicle your saga with a full heirloom-quality piece. Celebrate and dedicate each step along the way.

All our custom charms are .925 sterling silver and handmade in the United States. We take pride in each piece of our collection as you do in your experiences. They are unique, personal, and hand-crafted.

He has his epic tales, you have yours. Share your Story©.


Since we launched in 2009, Nomadés has grown to include numerous consultants all over the world. Our consultants don't just sell jewelry, they help women tell stories. Gathering at Charming Events, women chronicle their stories with personal and significant charms.

  • Earn Money

    Earn 25% or more direct profit on all sales!

  • Flexibility

    Set your own hours.

  • Amazing Support

    Receive training and support from Nomadés Staff.

  • Independence

    Be in Business for yourself.

  • Fun

    Have fun while meeting new people.

  • Great Kits

    Consultant Enrollment Kits Starting at $190


Let us help you Share Your Story!

Our collection has grown to encompass the diverse heritage of women. From a list of duty station charms that grows every day to love story and life change charms that mark those special moments, our charms are custom-designed for the Nomadés Collection and are proudly created here in the United States.